Monday, June 13, 2016

We The People

News Release: American Rx Bill of Rights submits Call for Bill of Rights in Democratic Party Platform (click here)

Why the Democratic Platform Committee should include an American Rx Bill of Rights (click here)


Why We need an 
American Rx Bill of Rights

The elections of 2016 offer what may a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to 
ensure that millions of Americans are no longer denied the health benefits made possible by access to vital medicines simply because of the predatory pricing practices of Pharma.  Simply put, a medicine that is unaffordable is, in and of itself unavailable, thereby putting the health and well-being of Americans at risk, contributing to rising health costs caused by complications that could have likely been avoided by access to safe, affordable medicines. 

The pricing practices of Pharma are made possible because of its influence with  their extensive lobbying efforts suppported by millions of dollars in campaign contributions to elected officials.  This gives Pharma extraordinary influence with the U.S. Congress, regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration as evidenced by a number of issues, policy development, and a 'place at the table' for hearings and other actions amd presence with policy makers denied to ordinary Americans. 

Citizens must have rights as stakeholders equal to that of Pharma in debate and discussions of health policy centered on pharmaceutical costs.  The 2016 elections and a citizen-oriented approach as exemplified in the Articles of the American Rx Bill of Rights offer that opportunity.

Article One—A Basic Right to Good Health

Article Two--An Unaffordable Medicine is Unavailable
Article Three--Citizens as Stakeholders in
Article Four—Due Process to Protect Unfair Confiscation of Authentic Medicines
Article Five—The Public Interest of an Rx Bill of Rights
Article Six—Reciprocity Agreements to Facilitate Personal Importation of and Access to Safe, Valid Medications

You can make a difference in the battle for Control of the U.S. Senate...Read our reviews of the 34 contested races and then ask your Senator where he or she stands on the need for the American Rx Bill of Rights call for comprehensive bi-partisan legislation to lower prescription medicine prices...(read more)

Stay informed and up-to-date on the abuses of Pharma pricing with our national coverage of stories form around the U.S... Pharma prices are a major driver of healthcare costs and endanger American patients lives with pricing strategies that make medicines unavailable because they are unaffordable...(read more)

Review and support legislative proposals on behalf of a role for Personal Importation of safe, affordable brand-name prescription medicines from licensed, registered pharmacies in Tier One Countries whose standards of safety and efficacy meet or exceed those of the U.S....(read more)

How Pharma uses its funding of Senators to further its influence over the cost and accessibility of vital medicines!...(read more)

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